CommunityEventLion Club Of Elmira

November 7, 2019

I, Roger, was invited to join a meeting with the Lions Club of Elmira.

On November 6th, I took a kegerator and a keg of NQIPA and Country Nights Porter. I enjoyed sharing my craft with a club that has done so much for our community, including the Elmira Memorial Forest, Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, and Woolwich Community Services, to name but a few. It was a pleasure meeting so many members of my very own community.

I was asked to speak. I wanted to share my experiences in making dreams a reality. I shared how the seed of my very own dreams was planted in 1997. I was in England, and the British pubs were an incredible place for social gatherings. That idea, coupled with brewing craft beer, has now come to be a reality for me. Because of taking small steps, I am truly living that dream.

Rural Roots is about community, people, and taking the time to slow down. We want you to enjoy a pint and socialize.

To end, I asked if we could take three minutes of silence. One to honour our veterans. One to hope for Liam Moyer, who is a 16-year-old boy in our town battling leukemia. One to remember Brittney Martin, who just lost her life in a tragic car accident. We are only as strong as our community.

The lions club is there to serve the community, and so are we.