We’ve let our roots and community inspire our brews and they are beautifully depicted on our labels designed and illustrated by Amanda Wall. See what’s available on tap.

Subject to availability.RURAL ROOTS CANNED BREWS

Single: $4.65 | 6 Pack: $25.00



Ale, cream, honey…enough said. Dark golden in colour and slightly hazy in appearance, this easy-drinking beer produces a white foam head. Hints of honey are balanced with slight lingering bitterness from cascade hops. “Yes” is the correct answer to the question, “Honey, cream ale?”

– Keith –




This refreshing Kolsch is an ode to the earliest German settlers of the Elmira area, who toiled in the summer heat to cultivate the roots of our flourishing community. It’s easy to drink, with a full flavor and subtle sweetness, which helps remind us of the fruits of our labours, and perhaps help get us through them.

– Luke –



When you can’t see your hand in front of your face, you know it’s a dark country night. When you can’t see your hand through your beer, you know the evening’s going to be alright. Dark brown with an off-white head, this easy-drinking ale provides a good balance of malt and hops. Light smokey notes from the roasted barley, a smooth mouthfeel and hints of chocolate leave you wanting more.

– Keith – 



Don’t let the 77 IBU intimidate you – this mysterious Double IPA is a full palate experience. When first sipped, Savendy Saven entices the front of the palate with stone fruit and citrus flavours, which is followed by a bold blend of resinous spruce and biscuit. Once you’ve enjoyed half a pint, the sweetness begins to take charge, accompanied by a velvety finish. You’ll think to yourself, “Is this the same beer?” You may even blame your mind boggled taste buds on the 6.7% ABV, and think, “Go home tongue, you’re tipsy!”

 – Bree –




Irish red ale is surrounded by heritage, and so is our version at Rural Roots. It is named after the clay tile yard beside the farm where our master brewer grew up. This reddish-brown beer is slightly hazy with an off-white foam head. Flavours of fruity hops combine with bread and prune aromas to create a well-balanced drinking experience. This beer is earthy like land that is farmed, and rich like clay that produces red tile. Tile Yard Red is our tribute to hard-working Canadians who respect heritage yet strive for a better future! Cheers.

– Keith –




Red sky at night, sailor’s delight” is a rhyme used to predict calm conditions in the morning. The principle is so ancient that Jesus quoted it in Matthew 16:2-3. At Rural Roots, the saying is “Mug full of red beer, patrons cheer!” This eye-catching red beer contains 2 row barley, but no hops. There is a slight head on the pour with hints of malt and red currant on the nose. Whispers of currants, cranberries, raspberries and rhubarb swirl around the palate, leaving the tongue to sort out the clash between sweet and tart. The IBU is 0, but don’t let the lack of bitterness lull you into drinking too quickly. Since the ABV is 6%, too many of these and your morning might not be so delightful.

 – Keith –


Schticky Ale

Maple syrup can only be produced in a few areas in the world at the correct latitude. Rural Roots Brewing Company is blessed to be in one of those regions! The hardworking Mennonites of this area have long collected sap from maple trees on their land, evaporating it into that wonderful sticky syrup.

We combined maple syrup with another wonderful thing…ale. We recommend pouring Schticky Ale in your mouth instead of on pancakes though. Once in your mouth, this ale will remind you of entering a sugar shack in springtime. It is light and smooth, with hints of smoke and sweetness. Enjoy a glass of tradition mixed with innovation

– Keith –



There’s nothing better after travelling that long dirt road than with a lager that uses Swiss yeast and Tettnanger hops. Coming in at 4.9% it pours a cascading golden bronze that’s slightly hazy with a thin light frothy head. With an IBU of 19 it has a very restrained and subtle bitterness for any beer lover. The herbal and mild floral notes are detected on the nose as well as in the taste with a lingering herbal garnish that maintains a lasting dry finish across the entire palate. Remember, the dirt washes off but these memories will last forever!

 – Chris –


Wildberry Wheat Lager


Your summer beer is here! Rural Roots’ Wildberry Wheat Lager!

This refreshing summer wheat lager has a slightly hazy appearance, a beautiful pale golden colour and loose white meringue foam. The delicious scent of sweet melon and berry carries through to a palate that includes fruity hops and a light biscuit malt. With its slight but satisfying tartness and mild, dry finish, this is the perfect ‘easy-drinking on the patio’ summer beer.


– Laurie –


Double Zero Belgian Trippel


This strong pale ale is a first-place craft beer. This beer finds its complexity in a mix of fruit, spice, and alcohol flavours. It will drift into your senses. This beer has a creaminess, and it remains much lighter and more effervescent than the high alcohol content would suggest. It mirrors 00 which is a ’71 Camaro body with a 350 engine that races and places in the OSCAAR Hot Rod Series.

– Amanda –




Gnarly IPA is a beer that commands respect. It may be only 4.7% ABV, but the IBU is the same number, minus the decimal! Though this beer greets you with light amber colours and aromas of citrus, once tilted toward your mouth, it begins strong and finishes with lasting intensity. This beer is more complex than it first presents; good friends are the same way. Rural Roots brings them together!

– Keith –




What happens when you pair our master brewers roots of Bern, Switzerland, with a delicious Swiss Roll? The 5.7% Schweizer Rolle Stout emerges. This decadent creation is bold, yet tart with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and coffee. Rich flavours are balanced beautifully with raspberry that begins to come to light as your pint warms and airs. Even the foam head is desirable – dip into the mocha mousse collar to indulge in all that this multi dimensional drink has to offer.

 – Bree –


Rostig German Ale

The Swiss/German roots of our master brewer draw his heart toward traditional ingredients and European brewing. Rostig is an opaque ale made with German grains and Tettnanger German hops. Reddish chestnut brown hues with a tight, long-lasting, ochre tinted foam head inspired the name Rostig, which means “rusty”. Scents of citrus, herbal, bread, caramel and apricot tantalize the nose. On the palate, flavours of wood, biscuit and moderate hops are added to the experience. It finishes with a medium dry body, carbonation and mouthfeel. This 4.4% German ale with an IBU of 23 is only available in autumn, and can be added to the list of enduring indicators of fall: harvest, Thanksgiving and vibrant colours.

 – Keith –



Our beer is available at many local establishments:
Grill on the Green
Sip and Bite
Jacobs Grill
The Tasting House
Elixar Bistro