CommunityJune Fundraiser Results: Legacy of Hope

July 6, 2021

It’s been an eye-opening time in Canadian history. For the month of June, we dedicated the proceeds of two of our beers to the Legacy of Hope Foundation as a form of action towards a better future for everyone. We have always been about community, and indigenous people are part of that community.

“We are a national Indigenous charitable organization with the mandate to educate and create awareness and understanding about the Residential School System, including the intergenerational impacts such as the removal of generations of Indigenous children from their families, including the Sixties Scoop, the post-traumatic stress disorders that many First Nations, Inuit, and Metis continue to experience, all while trying to address racism, foster empathy and understanding and inspire action to improve the situation of Indigenous Peoples today. The LHF supports the ongoing healing process of Residential School Survivors, and their families and seeks their input on projects that honour them.” – Legacy of Hope Foundation

We are grateful to our patrons once again for the incredible support for yet another worthy cause. This fundraiser has helped opened conversations online and in person.

Together we were able to raise $737.

We hope Legacy of Hope can use these donations to directly help those greatly affected by residential school abuses and death; to teach our greater communities more about our shared past and present.

“When societies come together, many stories arise. Stories of dominance and oppression; stories of resistance and survival; stories of co-existence, partnership, and marriage.” – Indigenous Peoples Experience, Edmonton, Alberta

Cheers to a better future for all.