FeatureFEATURE: Explore Waterloo Region – A Taste of Waterloo Region’s Rural Restaurants

October 24, 2022

We are always excited to take part in Taste the Countryside which is a 10-day dining event promotes delicious menus that incorporate local produce as prepared by food establishments located in Waterloo Region’s townships. Good eats make having a pint that much better. Andrew Coppolino had this to say in his October review.


Local pretzels, warm cheese dip and beer
Rural Roots Brewing Company, Elmira 

As the name implies, this Elmira brewer is all about its rural roots when it comes to the food it serves.

According to manager Krysta Cronin, the soft, warm pretzels from Grainharvest Breadhouse are perfect with a hot cheese dip.

“The dip is made by Elmira’s Never Enough Thyme Catering using bacon and our ‘Yes Honey Cream Ale,’” says Cronin. “It’s always on our menu and one of the most popular items. It’s a nice comfort food to share. People have even been known to drink it like a thick soup.”

Jamie Cornelius of Never Enough Thyme makes the dip with local Eby Manor Golden Guernsey milk and sharp cheddar.

“The flavours come from sauteed onions and garlic, and smokey paprika,” says Cornelius. “That gets caramelized, and we add the beer. It’s super cheesy, salty and smokey. A tasty combo for sure.”

And I’d add perfect with a Rural Roots pint.